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Only children that are paid and enrolled in our classes are covered under our insurance.

Fees vary depending on class and location. Please view prices of your chosen class on our class4kids account.

Fees INCLUDE tuition, scripts, show costumes and a link to professionally filmed video footage of our end of term show.


Cherrystars are moving to a new way of taking payment for all term classes. Using this new way to pay, you only need to insert your card details once and the payment will come off on the 1st of every month in advance of lessons.


When you receive your next invoice from Cherrystars, please insert your card details for the subscription payment. If you are due any discounts, this will be applied and you will be notified before the 1st of the month.

FAQs for parents

Why do I need to pay during the holidays?

The monthly payment you pay is your ANNUAL COST of attending split into 12 equal monthly payments. This means payments are still due where holidays occur. This is the simplest and more affordable way to pay for your children’s classes.

What if my child no longer wants to attend?

We require 4 weeks notice in writing to info@cherrystars.co.uk

Can I still pay in a different way?

After much research we have come to the decision that monthly payment is the most convenient and affordable way to take payments for all parents. Streamlining our payment options allows us to keep our admin to a minimum, and focus on teaching and continually improve classes.

However, if this option simply isn’t possible we will accept a full term payment prior to the beginning of term via our pay per term class4kids booking system.

Alternatively you can pay the full terms fee directly into our bank account below.

Payments should be made to:

Account Number: 48699632
Sort Code: 04-00-75

Please reference your child’s name and email us at info@cherrystars.co.uk with confirmation of your payment.

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